nine. Zero Two Away from Darling in the FranXX

nine. Zero Two Away from Darling in the FranXX

Ai is a pale-skinned daughter having long, upright black locks styled in the an excellent hime reduce you to definitely she keeps untied, purple attention (although they have been 1st brownish ahead of she try tucked real time), and you will white pink lips.

She holds an effective 13-year-old girl’s looks, that has been how old she was at the full time regarding her demise and contains stayed as a result having above five-hundred years.

But not very first in that way, Ai provides a cold identity. Inside feeling-evoking points, she cannot arrive moved in the least. At exactly the same time, Ai is actually unusually quiet and you may severe. She generally seems to just talk if the you want arises, hardly talking individually with regard to it.

Increasing upwards, Zero Several establish a reasonable skin tone. She had a thinner and you can sports contour; she are the fresh new tallest woman throughout the group plus high than every guys also.

She had sides-duration, long red tresses with upright fucks covering the woman temple and you may an excellent collection of yellow horns on her lead and you can a light limiter headband over their horns.

8. Rem Regarding Lso are: Zero

Rem enjoys typical size sky blue hair which takes care of their right attention, large light-blue sight, and you may more youthful possess. She has also locks films towards the kept side of the girl locks, a flower-designed ribbon for a passing fancy side of the woman locks, and a housemaid hairband.

She seems almost identical to the girl aunt except that her locks, attention, and you may bend color. She always wears a maid consistent, and because the girl tits is actually slightly bigger than this lady sister’s, she secretly change the new specifications to hide it.

Rem does speak for the an effective superficially polite trends and regularly acts without thinking. She keeps both, value to the stage off praise and you can shame toward the lady sister to have an instance in the past.

seven. Nezuko Kamado Of Kimetsu zero Yaiba

Nezuko is a tiny daughter which have fair body, substantially large, preferred fangs, and you can sharp, claw-such as for example nails you to diminish in order to reddish in which they part.

The girl hair is much time, black colored and you will is at just below her sides, flipping a flame-tangerine colour as it entry the woman arms, and is apparently crimped into the highest, straight ridges, used top-swept significantly in order to the woman kept.

She’s got smooth-looking, pale red vision that seem a much lighter color within rims of its irises, slanted downwards toward corners off this lady deal with and you may framed because of the notably a lot of time lashes, the new college students from which can appear slit since the she transforms.

six. Shiro Off Deadman Wonderland

Shiro try a pop over here young albino lady. She has accumulated snow-white hair, soft body and yellow sight; also the woman eye brows and you can eyelashes is light. The woman hair is long and you may is located at right down to this lady legs.

She gowns from inside the good peach, skintight bodysuit (light from the anime), adorned with red groups and streak along with the woman leg and you may heels protruding.

She and wears huge brownish mittens and a light shoulder warmer, regardless if has been found sporting black mittens that have a black neck warmer and have now black cold weather sneakers. Ganta features asserted that she works out Mimi.

5. Slan Of Berserk

Slan is an excellent sadomasochist which flourishes into the cruelty as well as the perception it’s with the other people, that have swayed the origin out-of pagan cults just who know the girl because the “Goddess out of Flame” and revere the lady thanks to cannibalistic blood orgies and medicines you to discover another person’s head in order to visions of the future.

Slan along with appears to have a great lustful fascination with Guts while the first fulfilling your during Griffith’s Eclipse, referring to your once the “darling” and declaring need for his strength and you may fortitude, when you are seeking their internal dark is most tempting.


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